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Company Philosophy and Overview

InfratechLogo4More than 20 years ago, in 1994, Chris Prangley started INFRATECH® Corporation. We are a leading distribution construction contractor for electric utility companies throughout the United States. Infratech designs, installs, replaces, and maintains the infrastructure that people depend on every day.

We are licensed in 22 states and have worked on large multi-year master contracts as well as responded to emergency outages and storm remediation. Our customers range from local municipal to multi-state utilities.

What sets us apart? Partnering for Improved Infrastructure®

The core philosophy at Infratech is to go “beyond the contract”. We are committed to not only performing on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction – we also offer our problem solving skills and act as consultants. This approach has earned us the trust of our long-term customers and they have come to rely on our expertise. We even have invented safety equipment together, such as the energized vault barrier. Click to view our Case Studies to read more.

Our employees are encouraged and incentivized to continually find ways of improving processes, safety measures and procedures. This collaborative practice produces strong team members who respect and look out for each other. It also results in safer, high quality, efficient and more cost effective design and construction services for you, our customer. Through this effort, we transcend traditional challenges and create an atmosphere of mutual trust and open communication.

Infratech is growing exponentially without sacrificing quality. We place a premium on sound hiring practices and continuous training.

We are looking forward to showing you how our high-performance teams – on the inside as well as in the field – can help you get the job done!


SAFETY is our Focus – EXPERIENCE is our Strength – PARTNERING is our Approach


Infratech Corporation was founded by Mr. Chris Prangley in 1994 with four employees, one crew and revenues of $20,000 in the first month. All expenses were paid with his credit card. Mr. Prangley saw a need for a contractor with the expertise necessary to foster a partnering atmosphere with utilities that goes beyond the contract. The catalyst to start Infratech came from the expanding need for experienced providers of trenchless services for the placement, remediation of electric utilities in 1985.

As the technology moved from being a specialty to a staple at many utilities around the country, Infratech diversified and now offers full turn-key services including overhead, design, installation, testing, inspection and maintenance. At the ten-year mark in 2004, with 100 employees by now, the company went into the next growth phase. It demanded more formalized processes and systems which were created and installed with the help of independent consultants.

Since then, Infratech has grown to just shy of 200 employees who pride themselves on what sets them apart:

  • Personal touch
  • Partnering approach
  • Solid, quality work
  • Truly listening to customers’ needs
  • Exceptional integrity
  • Passion and commitment
  • Safety culture


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