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INFRATECH® will be the contractor of choice for its customers; the customer of choice for its vendors; and the employer of choice for its people.


INFRATECH® provides distribution construction services to utility companies. Our services are cost effective and meet customer expectations in the area of safety, quality, reliability, support, and availability. We train and develop the very best people and equip them with leading edge technology. INFRATECH® is
committed to continuous improvement through partnering with its customers, vendor, and people.

Code of Honor

Train and lead by example
Seek to improve
Strive to be proactive than reactive
Develop understanding
Look out for and assist one another
Communicate with honesty and show respect
Never sacrifice safety for production
Demonstrate support of company policies
Honor all commitments
Take responsibility for all actions
Reserve judgement until all facts are considered
Make the right choices through knowledge
Teamwork makes the dream work
Uphold the Code of Honor


Integrity is paramount
No accident is acceptable
Focused customer service
Right choices make us the contractor of choice
Accountability at all levels of the company
Teamwork through enhanced thinking and communication
Exceptional rewards for exceptional performance
Conscious adherence to standards
Human capital enrichment and organizational development

Creating an innovative and dynamic culture
Ongoing alignment of technology and performance
Respecting those with whom and for whom we work
Partnering with our customers, vendors, and people for continuous


Partnering is commonly defined as a mutually beneficial business to business relationship based on trust and commitment that enhances the capabilities of both parties.

The elements of this partnering agreement include the following:

1. Non-Binding Partnering Agreement. The process begins with the intent that partnering will result in more efficient planning, production, and reporting.

2. Meeting to determine specific requirements are of any proposed or contracted work. A pre-construction meeting is arranged to review unusual requirements, lay out expectations, understand deadlines, study alternatives for approaches.

3. Internal Contract 360 Process – Each Department Manager defines their role related to the specific project and this becomes a working model for our tactical and strategic initiatives with the purpose of optimizing performance in every facet of the operation.

  •  Safety and Training
  •  Operations
  •  Equipment
  •  Human Resources
  •  Information Technology
  •  Accounting
  •  Risk Management
  •  Process Improvement


4. Meeting with customer to define mutual expectations – Developments from Contract 360 disseminated. Results from deliverables communicated.

5. Progress Review Meetings – Regularly schedules meetings are set to review performance and seek areas for increased efficiencies, reduced costs and quality enhancements among others.

6. Human Performance and Audit Process Review – Findings Shared.

7. Post Project Review – This meeting sums up project performance with metrics defined above in Contract 360. Contract Schedule and Specification adherence are discussed.

8. Process Improvement Recommendations – The customer receives a final review of project with intent of improving outcome in future projects.



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