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What Other’s Say

Here’s what others are saying:

Storm work during hurricane Matthew 2016

I just want to express how much the Infratech crews pushed to get the new switch up and running during the storm recovery. The underground conduits had been installed, cable pulled in and the switch set for the OH-UG Program and were waiting for OH-UG Phase 1 to be completed to do the final splices needed to energize the switch. Bruce determined that if Infratech could do it faster than restoring the overhead that we would heat up that switch. Infratech did not flinch from the challenge.

I think they did a week’s worth of work in two days there. In one of the pits they had open, the hole was filling with water so fast the Vac-Tron was used to keep it at bay and had to be emptied 8 times before they finished. They told me all the pits were like that, and there were four total.

Not only that, they replaced a switch at a Sub that, for all intents and purposes was in a swamp, in one day. They had to be up to their armpits in muck and water, though I did not see them work there, I saw the switch after and it looks beautiful.

I feel that James and his crews were just as dedicated to restoring the power as our own crews were. I never heard them complain nor try to shy away from the things we asked them to do.

I know many of the contractors and crews who came to assist us were just as dedicated and just as hard working, but Infratech has been one of our contractors for so long they have become and are, an integral part of the family, third cousins at least.

In the time I have been here I feel these crews from Infratech have demonstrated above and beyond what a contractor is usually expected to do. I just feel some special recognition would be nice from our side to James’ superiors, he and his crews were just awesome during the worst of the recovery.

Greg C.


Recently, one of your crews completed replacing the underground electrical network in our subdivision in Greenwood, SC.
These young men were courteous, professional and gifted in what they did. After many years with our utility, it is not difficult for me to recognize outstanding performance. Please thank them and pass along our appreciation to the fine young men in this crew.

– Dr. Tim E.
Greenwoord SC

Underground cables fail. There is nothing unusual about it. But after four failures, Mrs. S. in Durham, NC was ready to blow a fuse.

Unbeknownst to Mrs. S., the utility had already decided to replace the cable and had sent our Infratech crew, headed by Benny Smith, to get locates and to survey the site for the project.

Mrs. S. was very upset to see crewmen in her yard about to tear up her lawn without prior notice and called the utility to complain. The message was relayed to the crew and crew member James Roberts rang the doorbell to start a conversation. He patiently explained what they were doing and that they would be very careful with her property. She would also have a brand new cable at the end of all this. Mrs. S’s face transformed to smiles and she apologized for overreacting. Then she proceeded to ask many (many) questions concerning the job, which were all answered to her satisfaction.

The utility’s Engineer had given Mrs. S. his phone number and when the project was completed she took the time to call – happy to report that the crew had done a magnificent job. They were very polite and… she even got to talk to the InfratechSupervisor (Benny) on the phone, which she thought was unusual. Best of all, she could hardly tell that any work was done because her yard was put back into place “just so”.

We at Infratech live for encounters like this. Leaving a site with a more than satisfied customer is what we strive for each and every time.

The utility engineer helped by giving the customer a “live” person to talk to and voice her concerns.
Our goal is to forge strong partnerships with our utility customers and to represent them to the best of our ability. We are fortunate to have many examples of team work like this.

– Duke NC

I highly recommend the outstanding service from Eddie Johnson. He is the most polite, most efficient, most considerate man that I have had dealings with in quite some time. I advised Eddie when they came out to look at the area that I could not get overheated due to an illness. He took my cell number and called to inform me not only of when they were starting the job so I could go somewhere with air conditioning, but also called to let me know when they were done and the electricity was back on.
I was amazed at his consideration and the expediency with which your crew got the job done.

– M.R.
Garland, TX

I wanted to send a note of THANKS for the Infratech drill crew and terminators who responded to an outage at a church in Greenville, SC. Our trouble crew was unable to repair a 3 phase primary UG radial run. We called on these guys to drill in at 200’ of wire and terminate it during the night.
They all responded with no hesitation and in such a positive manner. This was not a normal night or bore. It was almost all rock with rain and storms coming and going throughout that night. I’m grateful for the work they performed and the attitude with which they went about it. I also want to make mention that the crews doing repair work for us have shown the same attitude and approach to their work. This makes for a much better work environment for all.

– D.L.
Large investor-owned utility

My name is Peggy P. and I live in a subdivision in Pasco County. Your crews have been working in the neighborhood recently.

I just wanted to compliment your employees on their work. When they finished yesterday afternoon, I went out to take a look at what was left behind. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only had they cleaned up all their equipment but had smoothed out the ground where they were working as well as replacing the sod they removed. I double checked my sprinkler heads and found that not one of them had been damaged. The crew was on task the entire time they were near my home.

Thank you for having such wonderful employees. Please pass on my compliments to the crew working in the area.

– Peggy P.


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