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Contractor Application

Why do we call our subcontractors “Resource Partners” here at INFRATECH®? Because we strive to keep an ongoing relationship with our partners for the possibility of more projects, a personal bond and always providing exceptional service to our customers. With these values, Infratech and our Resource Partners can deliver the skilled services that our customers’ electric utility systems require by successfully working together.

INFRATECH® is proud of our more than 20-year history of working in diverse environments and evolving to new customer demands and challenging projects. By using these techniques and strategies, we ensure to meet our customers’ expectations in safety, cost effectiveness, support and quality of work. Infratech® welcomes you to become a Resource Partner of ours by completing the application below.”

When Applying as a Subcontractor, please take a look at our principles beforehand to verify that we support the same business ethics.

Full Name Please
This would include but not limited to: bucket trucks, trailers, vans, ditch witches, compressors, missiles, backhoe, tampers, etc.. If you have none please put N/A.

Provide 3 to 5 Work References Below